Certificate and quality

Both companies operate according to ISO 9001:2008 rules and regulations.
They possess all requirements needed in order to have this certification and internal inspection instruments to evaluate and better work processing quality and products.

O.L.M.A.G. Srl quality system is certified by the third company DNV according to UNI/EN 9001/2008 rules and regulations.
O.L.M.A.G. Srl  quality system is certified by the third company RINA according to UNI/EN ISO 3834-2:2006 rules and regulations regarding welding processing.

  An International Welding Engineer within the company coordinates welding processing following all rules and regulations belonging to the uni/eno iso 3834-2.

This qualification is considered the most important when dealing with the Italian Welding Institute and the European Federation for Welding, joining and cutting. Maximum quality level regarding welding operations, coordinations is controlled by this engineer who possesses the power to certify that adequate technical knowledge belongs to each and every operator who works within the company.

Scarica il pdf  Certificate ISO 9001:2008 
Scarica il pdf  Certificate ISO 9001:2015  
Scarica il pdf  Certificate ISO 3834-2 and attached
Scarica il pdf  Certificate IQNET 9001 
Scarica il pdf  Certificate International Welding Engineer